My nick name is Jeffro and my middle name is Lane.  I'm a creative producer based in Los Angeles.  I specialize in producing global, integrated campaigns...from traditional broadcast to social and everything in between.  I surround myself with music, nature, architecture, art, food and different cultures whenever possible.

I started my creative journey playing in bands as a teen and began designing flyers, posters and album art. Naturally, I became interested in film, photography, music videos and design. I spent a lot of time in the dangerous waters of the music industry and decided to change course before the ship sank.  I studied cinema and art while continuing to explore my passion for storytelling through music and digital media.  I'm passionate about the power of digital media and the freedom and empowerment it provides storytellers, artists and musicians.

Everyday I hope to learn or experience something new and I try to add a creative spark to everything that passes through my hands.